The Honey Bee Plant Climber is sleek, classy and functional.


This is a statement piece for any plant lover, not only will it allow your plant to trail up the hexagon structure it will also make your plant POP and provide a great statement piece.


The climber is 29.5cm in height and 8cm wide, and has 3 points for great stability.


Note: Please take care when inserting the climber into the soil.  Make sure you hold onto each side and that the soil is not as hard as a rock.  But Honeys, I know you are all great plant carers so this would never be the case


The mirror range is onesided, so best to be placed against a wall as the back is not stunning and reflective like the front.


Colours can slightly vary from the photos and screen you are viewing on.


The purchase is for the plant climber only and does not include the pot or plants pictured.

Honey Bee Plant Climbers