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Discover the pinnacle of hydroponic excellence with the 45L UGF NFT System, Australia's best-selling recirculating nutrient film technique system. Engineered with precision and expertise, this system features a specially designed root mat that stimulates rapid root growth, complemented by a tailored nutrient solution that consistently flows over it.


Maintenance is a breeze, requiring only standard cleaning and periodic topping up of the nutrient solution as it naturally depletes. The 45L UGF NFT system is versatile, catering to cultivating various plants such as lettuce and strawberries. Its exclusive use of Rockwool/grow wool cubes as the growing medium ensures greater control, disease prevention, and minimal waste.


Standing at a low profile of only 20cm, this system provides ample space for stands, allowing flexibility in preferred starting heights. The comprehensive system includes a base reservoir, channel slope, light tray lid, HydroPro 550 water pump, Nutriculture NFT attachment, and a roll of root matting.


Years of refinement and innovation have made the 45L UGF system a best-seller in Australia. Elevate your hydroponic endeavors with a system that embodies reliability, efficiency, and proven success.


The UGF NFT includes:


  • 1x Base Reservoir
  • 1x Channel Slope
  • 1x Light Tray Lid
  • 1x Water Pump
  • 1x Nutriculture NFT Attachment
  • 1x Roll of Root Matting


Experience the pinnacle of hydroponic innovation with the UGF NFT, where precision meets simplicity for unparalleled cultivation success.


112 X 50 X 20cm

45L UGF NFT Hydroponic System

GST Included