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The Pandemic Impacts On Food Production And Shortages Globally.

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

Outdoor vertical gardens make it easy to grow you own produce at home. Zero food miles and waste, easy to set up and mainatin. Use Hydroponics Aquaponics or Vertical farmingFood production shortages and home
Grow your own food at home and save on food expenses!

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted millions of people around the world, with social distancing measures, a drop in economic wealth, job losses and huge impacts on industries globally. This has led to huge disruptions in agricultural production and supply chains, leaving millions to worry about food shortages.

There are impacts on logistics, planting and harvesting food that will ultimately leave poor countries exposed in the coming year especially those reliant on imports. The system of food distribution and automated nations will likely be fine, systems in developing countries are labour intensive making these supply chains more vulnerable to the pandemic implications.

With a lack of labour in most countries including farmhands and pickers coupled with a reduction in overseas workers, our farms may struggling with supply. This impacts the availability of fresh produce in our supermarkets.

As we’ve been tasked to stay in our homes for an extensive periods of time, it does raise the question of are we doing enough to support our own food needs? How can we be more self sufficient and grow our own food? The need to understand and acknowledge urban farming both indoor and at home is now more important than ever.

With a number of new products on the market it is now easier than ever to grow your own food at home adopting hydroponic and aquaponic farming methods. Although this won’t yield farm-like quantities it does allow a home to be self-sufficient in growing greens and veggies all year round, enough to feed the family and reduce expenses or impacts on the environment through food miles and mass pressure placed on the agriculture industry quantities.

Hydroponic farming setups are simple and easy, some products such as a simple grow tower can feed a household. With less water, no soil and only requiring nutrients its an easy way to get started.

The AquaSprouts is another way to learn, grow and discover your own indoor farming journey. It’s fun for the whole family, and it combines fish-keeping with growing plants by mimicking a natural ecosystem. An affordable way to get started and teach kids about sustainable food practices also.

For more information on growing your own produce at home, and to shop products visit

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