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Urban sprawl is threatening Sydney’s food-bowl!

We all take for granted having fresh produce within easy reach, but what would you do if local food was under threat?

Sydney loves to talk about food, and the housing market. But rarely do we talk about the threat that housing poses to the resilience of Sydney’s food system.

If we continue along the path we’re on, Sydney stands to lose more than 90% of its current fresh vegetable production. Total food production could drop by 60% and the city’s supply of food from within the basin could drop from 20% of total food demand to a mere 6%.

Like most Australian cities, Sydney is facing an influx of people – 1.6 million new residents are expected over the next 15 years.

Competing priorities for land are compounded by this growing population, as well as by planning laws that favour development over agriculture – not to mention a changing climate. Cities worldwide are facing the same issues as we try to feed a growing population with limited resources.

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