In addition to providing Australians with indoor farming innovation, we are passionate about sustainability and making the world a better place, after all its the only world we have! 

We are also 100% positive that our products will usher a new generation of savvy modern farmers. We are dedicated to educating our future worldlings on the benefits of Organic Hydroponics and Aquaponics.

Grow anything, anywhere, Anytime 


Our Founder Andrew Meseha is passionate about sustainability through Aquaponics and Hydroponics. Our team is driven to create a positive and lasting change.


We want to feed mankind in a way that values our precious natural resources and protects our planet. 

Learn about our founders, our values, partners and our fruitful beginnings! 

Founded from sustainability 

Food Miles are a measure of the distance food is transported between production and consumption. The more miles the more greenhouse gases produced.


A typical Melbourne shopping basket has travelled a staggering 70,000 kilometres – equivalent to almost two trips around the world. By purchasing an orange grown in Mildura rather than California you reduce food miles from 12,879 km to 567 km.

Zero Food Miles 

How cool is that? Aquaponics and Hydroponics (AKA Ponics), uses 90% less water due to the nature of the practices.

The plants only feed on what they need and return the rest of the water back to the tank.

It's called recirculating! 

There are a range of exciting techniques that ALL use way less water than conventional farming. 

90% Less Water 

Our indoor systems don't need to battle the daily challenges of mother nature. Even though we love mother earth, we don't like pests and disease. 

Indoor gardens across Australia that are grown "ponically" require almost zero pesticides and repellants due to the fact they stay indoors away from the elements. 


That's what I call clean food! 

No chemicals

Genetically Modified Organisms are unnatural! That's right! Unnatural!


Scientists have been testing the effects of genetically modified crops on humans for years. These crops have had their DNA changed to fight off pests and disease.


The good news is, you don't need to eat them ever again. Visit our blog about Organic seeds and find Australia's best suppliers  


One of the greatest benefits of indoor farming is the ability to grow out of season crops ALL year round. 

This might sound unnatural but its not. Aquaponics and Hydroponics lets you control every part of the growth process from humidity, temperature, nutrient levels and lighting. 

For example, if you change the lighting schedule,16 hours of light, the plants are tricked into believing spring is in the air.

This is called the blooming phase. 

Grow all year round

Teaching our future generations about sustainable farming practices, will help secure our food security for year to come.


Education is key to creating a cleaner and healthier mother earth as well. 


Alternative farming practices will take the strain off our food chain and provide localised food sources that support our ever growing population.  

Future generations

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