Siqura surface Sanitiser & protectant fogger- Contains Ethanol

SIQURA™ CF Surface Sanitiser and Protectant Fogger is a safe and effective way to kill bacteria and pathogens, and protect surfaces for up to 30 days*. It generates an ultra-fine mist that eliminates odour causing bacteria and inhibits mould and mildew. SIQURA™ CF will destroy on all treated surfaces. 

Allowing the spray to dry will also coat the surface with a microscopic protective layer for continuous protection. SIQURA™ CF is suitable for homes, public venues, transportation, pet care, hospitality, sporting venues, medical clinics, retail outlets, aged care. 


SIQURA™ foggers contain Petroleum Gases (Liquefied) 55-60%, Ethanol 40%, 3-( Trimethoxy silyl) propyl dimethyloctadecyl ammonium chloride 0.75% w/w. Meets or exceeds EN 1276.

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