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Forget about that laborious task of spraying your plants,  and turn it into this effortless one-handed job. This sprayer works with a self-priming pump that maintains a massive 130psi, delivers extensive spraying coverage, and shuts down on the release of the trigger. A powerful 12V pump with a pressure gauge, precisely measures the pressure provided to the boom spray and handheld spray, giving you the right tools with the correct pressure for the spraying. Including a 5m chemical-grade hose and rear boom sprayer allows you to do broad spraying while a handheld spray nozzle does spot spraying while riding or walking. This weed sprayer is built with UV stable and rust-resistant components to withstand the heat and sun of Australian weather. A great mobile Happy Soils treatment solution for your home, garden and farm. Throw away all those pump bottle sprayers and spray equipment! This one unit does it all. Save your time and money in the long run. Hitch on your mower, ATVs, or quad bikes, connect to the battery, turn on the valve, and go off. 

Happy Soils 60L Sprayer

GST Included