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Introducing the 80L UGF NFT Hydroponic System, a cutting-edge recirculating nutrient film technique. This hydroponic marvel measures 208cm x 50cm x 20cm and boasts an 80-litre capacity. This system is designed for optimal performance and is engineered with a root mat that accelerates rapid root growth.


The UGF NFT is remarkably low-maintenance and ideally suited for cultivating various plants, including lettuce and strawberries. Utilising rockwool/grow wool cubes as the growing medium provides enhanced control, disease prevention, and minimal waste.


Comprising essential components such as a base reservoir, channel slope, light tray lid, water pump, Nutriculture NFT attachment, and root matting, the UGF NFT ensures a seamless and efficient hydroponic experience. It is renowned as one of the best-selling NFT systems in Australia, reflecting its popularity and success in delivering exceptional results.


The UGF NFT includes:


  • 1x Base Reservoir
  • 1x Channel Slope
  • 1x Light Tray Lid
  • 1x Water Pump
  • 1x Nutriculture NFT Attachment
  • 1x Roll of Root Matting


Experience the pinnacle of hydroponic innovation with the UGF NFT, where precision meets simplicity for unparalleled cultivation success.

80L UGF NFT Hydroponic System

GST Included