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What has 2020 taught us, so far?

At the start of 2020 we are all busy, ask anyone in January 2020 how they were and inevitably it would involve the word busy, or some synonym of busy- tiring, hectic, hurried, full. By February we were frantic, everything was necessary and immediate. By March we were worried, we were less concerned about the perceived need to get everything done ASAP and we were keenly aware there was something bigger was going on. By April, our world had shifted.

Our world shifted towards family and friends, towards the ones we love and towards a greater good. The international threat of the Coronavirus scared us, made us fearful for our own health, but above all else, it made us fear something happening to our loved ones. This shift away from ourselves towards others is a really valuable lesson to come out of such an awful period of time.

Amazingly, in a day and age where media will have you believe everyone is self-centred and only looking out for ourselves, millions have self-isolated for the greater good. Young, healthy people have stayed home, missed festivals, parties, friends, and holidays to protect the most vulnerable members of our society. The elderly are having groceries dropped off by their millennial neighbours. Adults working from home have put teddy bears in their windows so children can go on ‘teddy bear hunts’ on their daily walks. We have started vegetable grows with our children, teaching them about where our food comes from. We are looking at sustainable farming methods to help protect a planet we can now see will regenerate if given the chance.

Even though it is difficult to stay home by ourselves, even though remote schooling is causing parents to drink at 10am and even though our necks hurt from typing at the kitchen bench- there is some positives we can take from this time. As a whole, we have power as a group, individually we couldn’t stop the spread of this virus, but as a group we are doing a very good job. This is time we can take a breath and be inventive, we can look out the window and think outside the box, we can take a moment to reassess our dreams and make them happen.

When life ‘goes back to normal’, we hope there is a new normal. That our new normal involves thinking more about others, about considering the vulnerable people in our communities, about being creative and inventive, about loving ourselves, each other and our planet.

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