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Post Covid normal. Returning to a workplace and planning for the future.

Returning to work or business as usual may seem like a daunting task for both employees and employers who are finding the changes to the pandemic both challenging and disruptive at times. We’ve had to change our lifestyles and lives in every means possible to get through this year and potentially the next 12 months.

Every business will need to put in place measures to adhere to the Government's health and safety restrictions and regulations in order to make returning to work easy and safe.

The National Cabinet has agreed ten National COVID-19 Safe Workplace Principles which include, amongst others, that:

“As COVID-19 restrictions are gradually relaxed, businesses, workers and other duty holders must work together to adapt and promote safe work practices, consistent with advice from health authorities, to ensure their workplaces are ready for the social distancing and exemplary hygiene measures that will be an important part of the transition”

With so many changes in place, how do business and employees make sure that returning to work is operationally profitable yet safe and secure? The best answer is hygiene and sanitisation.

SIQURA™ surface disinfectant is a simple and effective way to kill bacteria and protect surfaces for up to 30 days*. It eliminates odour-causing bacteria and inhibits mould and mildew. It will destroy bacteria on all treated surfaces.

Allowing the product to dry will also coat the surface with a microscopic protective layer for continuous protection. It is ideal for use around children, pets and plants. SIQURA™ can be used in many environments including gyms, restaurants, hospitality, childcare, education, aged care and many more.

This means that businesses can apply the surface sanitiser and protectant and ensure their work place is safe and sanitised daily. Increased focus on cleaning regimes, and sanitisation will mean that all employees are safe and workplaces are too. Those that are open to the public need to use an effective product to keep their doors open and free from bacteria and pathogens. Meaning businesses can maintain patronage and operation as usual.

Urban Green Farms has a number of workplace solutions readily available. It's easy to get the right business pack for you and your workplace.

To learn more about SIQURA™ visit www.urbangreenfarms.com.au

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