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Hand Sanitiser: What you need to know

Hand sanitiser has been flying off the shelves as the outbreak of COVID-19 builds in Australia. What we do know is that Australians are buying sanitiser to protect themselves and their families against bacteria and germs, but what we also know is that there is an immense shortage of product available which means other manufacturing industries are creating their own to keep up with demand. This is a noble assistance to the global pandemic but also stage a few questions and concerns around quality and formulation.

Alcohol based sanitisers still remain the cheapest, most prominent form of protection against bacterial microbes, which are commonly made up for anywhere between 60 - 100% alcohol. Alcohol sanitisers are effective in killing all contact based bacteria, however they don’t offer continued protection. As soon as you touch another surface your hands are deemed contaminated again. Alcohol does break the protein of the bacterial and will offer protection for a short amount of time, however you still need to ensure you wash your hands regularly and make sure you do not touch your face or nose during this time.

There are a number of high grade non alcohol based sanitisers available on the market that offer seemingly longer lasting protection such as the SIQURA™ range. As always it’s important to make sure that you understand that not all sanitizers are made the same and you should review all the formulas before you purchase and make your own decisions.

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