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Behind the SIQURA range!

SIQURA is a revolutionary way to sanitise your hands and surfaces without the use of drying and damaging alcohol. Using science SQIURA, available through Urban Green Farms, kills 99.9% of dangerous microbes (bacteria, viruses and moulds) while also laying down a protective layer providing up to 24hrs* of ongoing protection.

With the active antimicrobial derived from coconut oil grafted onto a molecular adhesive, SIQURA holds onto your hands and surfaces giving it the advantage of continuous protection long after alcohol based sanitisers have stopped protecting you.

Most alcohol based hand sanitisers work by denaturing the protective outer protein of the germ and then dissolving the cell membrane, causing cell death. This process happens when the alcohol based sanitiser comes in contact with the microbes on your hands. Within minutes of the alcohol drying, the process of destroying the germs stops and you can re-contaminate your hands. Alcohol based sanitisers have also been shown to cause some bacterial resistance, which can lead to so called ‘super bugs’ developing.

SIQURA works on a different level, the antimicrobial component of SIQURA is similar to a tiny electrical sphere which, when it comes in contact with a microbe, pierces the cell membrane causing complete destruction of the cell. This tiny electrical interaction is safe for people, plants and animals, as it contains no poisons, while completely killing 99.9% of germs. The added benefit of SIQURA is that the protective layer of antimicrobials continues for up to 24hrs*.

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