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Are All Hand Sanitisers Equal?

The hottest topic in 2020 is hand sanitisers, their effectiveness and their availability. To help clarify all the confusing information, we have summarised the main three types: soap & water, alcohol based and non- alcohol based like SIQURA by Urban Green Farms.

Soap & Water:

Has always been considered the ‘gold standard’ in hand hygiene. This comes from the relative ease most people, in Australia, have to inexpensive soap and water in their home and work places. Soap and water is effective in removing the microbes that cause infectious diseases, as well as removing the solid dirt and oils on our skin that can harbour these microbes. Soap and water washing does have some limitations, as well as the availability of clean running water, for hand washing to be effective it needs to be done for a minimum of 20seconds, ensuring you cover all parts of your hands, between your fingers, around your wrists and the back of your hands. Soap and water hand washing does not give any ongoing anti-microbial protection.

Alcohol-based sanitisers: These were first developed to clean hands in circumstances where soap and running water weren’t available. They work, when the alcohol content is higher than 60%, by destroying the proteins surrounding the microbe and making the germs inactive. Alcohol based sanitisers grew in popularity due to the ease of application and the fraction of time taken to clean your hands. Alcohol based hand sanitisers do not offer extended protection against germs once the alcohol has dried on the skin, meaning frequent reapplication or risk of infection after the next item you are in contact with. Alcohol based sanitisers have been shown to create so called ‘super bugs’ by not fully destroying the microbes and leading to cell mutation. Alcohol based sanitisers are also very damaging to the fragile skin on hands, many health care workers are experiences cracked, dry, bleeding and painful hands from frequent and prolonged exposure to alcohol based hand sanitisers. This damaged skin leads to increase infection and cross contamination risks for both worker and patient.

SIQURA and other non-alcohol based sanitisers: Unlike other options for hand sanitation, SIQURA offers up to 24hrs* protection again microbes/germs/viruses from just one application. SIQURA works by using a tiny electrical interaction with the cell wall of the microbe (popping it like a balloon) and entirely destroying the germ. Just one application of SIQURA lays down a film of these electrical charges that continues to destroy the microbes it comes in contact with for up to 24hrs. SIQURA also is dermatologically tested to help maintain skin integrity to the hands. Although all three types of hand sanitisation will protect the user from most microbes that cause infectious diseases, SIQURA is the only one that continues to offer protection form bacterial and viruses for up to 24hrs.

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