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Freshwater Gardens; benefits, types and they're fun for everyone!

The Aquasprout is the perfect freshwater garden - shop here: @aquasprouts

Freshwater gardens come in all shapes and sizes, but we've found some benefits and ways to inspire your own. You can choose floating or submersible plants, a zen garden or terrarium jar or aquarium!

Consider creating a small freshwater garden:

Plants: For multiple levels of interest, mix sub-merging plants like elodea and eelgrass, which can be submersed in water from their roots to their tips, with emergent plants, which like their roots submerged and their foliage above the waterline (arrowhead and water snowflake are good options), and floaters, which drift on the surface. Duckweed and water chestnuts are popular floaters.

A fairy garden:

A whimsical way to tend to plants indoors. You can add fairies, houses, furniture, animals, plants, and rocks in myriad combinations. Pick a container (e.g., clay pots, teacups, glass jars, birdbaths, and picnic baskets), choose plants and accessories, and start creating a miniature world. The only limits are the size of your container and your imagination. Kids love this!

Zen Garden: You might want to create an Asian-inspired Zen garden. The most classic designs are made with sand or gravel to represent the ripples in water. Like the tide, the arrangement of the sand is meant to shift; pulling a miniature rake through the sand changes its pattern and helps create a feeling of calm, hence the name “Zen garden.”

Some Zen gardens also contain succulents or pruned bonsai trees. You can find miniature versions of these at your local garden centre. Get creative with placement – a single plant in a swath of sand has a minimalist appeal. Remember that both succulents and bonsai trees require a lot of light to thrive so it’s important to place your garden in a sunny spot.

Remember that adding a plant means the Zen garden will need light and water to survive.

Aquariums: A great way to create a garden with fish is to combine the two by using Aquaponics. Easy to clean, maintain and fun for the family. The fish tank pumps water into the garden bed and this means it's organic and pesticide free meaning plants grow on the top creating beautiful green foliage and edible goodies! Think strawberry's, micro greens, herbs, lettuce, berry's and more! The Aquasprout is the perfect freshwater garden - shop here: @aquasprouts

Key benefits of having a 'water garden' in the home:

A water garden is as great for the environment as it is pleasant and relaxing for homeowners.

The negative ions in the home are decreased as moving water releases into the atmosphere help to purify the air.

Water gives us a break. The sound of moving water is simple – it’s not quiet, but it’s repetitive and low. Being around water gives us a cognitive break..

Water drops stress levels, 'blue' space is just as important to harvest near us as green space is.

Water helps increase creativity, there's a reason why your best ideas come to you in the shower!

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