The Own Grown System 

The OwnGrown Indoor Farm uses technology adopted from Hydroponics to produce perfect herbs and greens. This intelligent home appliance is changing the way Australians’ consume fresh food.

The system uses energy efficient LED lights to mimic the the sun’s effect on plants, also known as photosynthesis. These beautiful coloured spectrums not only provide growth for plants, they look pretty awesome as a night light too. 

The OwnGrown really is "own grown". It basically grows on its own! The system provides the latest in automated technology that controls everything from humidity, temperature, airflow, nutrient dosage and even trouble-shooting. Simply set and forget with our preprogrammed settings or manually set your preferred growth formula. 

The multiple layer shelving system allows you to stage crop growth depending on their phase, whether it's propagating seedlings to blooming plants.

How quickly do my greens grow?

Seriously quick! You can grow most of your greens and leafy super foods in about a month. That's the beautiful thing about Hydroponics and indoor gardening. ​It doesn't stop there. For example, you can grow up to 64 heads of lettuce heads every ten days thereafter. Simply cut the leaves and watch them regenerate in days. ​That's enough produce to feed a family of three, EVERY DAY. 

How much energy does the Own Grown use?

The OwnGrown Indoor Farm will cost you about a dollar a day. It's smart system LED technology is amazing! It's basically like having a light on. 163W to be exact!​ The humidity controls and fan forced circulation are also highly energy efficient and will hardly dent your bill. The water circulation pump also uses very little voltage. 

IS there maintenance?

This self-reliant indoor farm prefers minimal interaction to the tune of a minute a day and roughly an hour each weekend.

Things to look out for:

CO2 – for photosynthesis needs 6 drops of water daily into 2 trays.

Water  - in the trays have to be checked during the weekends.

Nutrient Solutions – can be bought from us and requires weekly readings with the provided instrument.

Seeds – that are bought from us will come with clear growing instructions.

Do I need Experience?

You don't need to know what to do! The OwnGrown Indoor Farm is pre-set with convenient programming. We make it easy for Australian's to grow food all year round. Our programmed features let you set and forget. It's like an oven for plants. You'll become an overnight green thumb. 

Features and benefits

What are the dimensions and specs?

  • Grow Quantity - 3 layers with 68 planting holes

  • Refrigeration Method - Compression Refrigeration

  • Light Source - LED Grow Light

  • Emitting Colour - Blue, White, Red etc;

  • Temperature Range - 14-34°C

  • Humidity Range - 50-75%

  • Input Voltage - 110/220V AC

  • Rated Power - 163W

  • Product Size - 600mm x 685mm x 1495mm

  • Weight - 110kg

What can i grow?

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