What does the STEM hydroponics Curriculum cover? 

Similarly to Aquaponics, our Australian Classroom Hydroponics Curriculum covers a range of different topics and subjects that fits perfectly into STEM education. We have tailored the learning outcomes for Australian schools and education facilities. 

This course is structured a little bit differently and covers a range of practical and theoretical learning requirements. The course can be tailored to run across one semester or two, depending on your outcome requirements for each student. The course includes a teachers guide that is pre-filled with supporting answers and a student version that allows students to fill in the exercises as they go. 

Semester one

Australian students will learn about the science behind plants and what they need to grow. Students will learn about light and Photosynthesis, Water, Carbon Dioxide, nutrients, environmental requirements, airflow and much more. Students will need to identify the key differences between Conventional farming and Hydroponic, whilst being able to establish advantages and disadvantages of each method; and apply them to real-world situations. 

Another major focus on the course is "Growing Media's". Urban Green Farms Hydroponic course (guide) covers this important aspect of Hydroponics in a very simple method. Australian climate requires several competing factors by which root growth can be challenging, even in indoor systems.  

Semester two 

This semester introduces Australian students to the principles around plant nutrients required in Hydroponic gardens and farms. The coverage of this section is incredibly interactive as we begin to illustrate plant nutrient deficiencies. If you have one of our hydroponic classroom products, students will benefit from be able to identify and suggest adjustments to nutrient levels. The practical approach to this section tied into equipment requirements that include testing, pumps, hydroponic lighting and much more. 

The final components to the course include designing your own system and drawing out the setup, followed by how this sustainable method of growing will contribute to the Australian Futures Industries and how you can actually make money selling locally sourced and produced food. 

If you'd like more information about our tailored Sustainable Hydroponic products and curriculum, click on the link here or email info@urbangreenfarms.com.au.

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